Facebar Lift & Glow Facial – New Service!


We are super excited to announce that we are now offering facials!

The FACEBAR LIFT & GLOW FACIAL is performed by our Founder, Nikki who will
tailor your facial to you and your skin type, unlike a traditional facial, we offer a
truly bespoke experience, beginning with a detailed consultation.

Our facial is a unique non-invasive and relaxing treatment which will help to
stimulate facial tissues and muscles, releasing tension in your face and boosting circulation
and oxygen for naturally lifted and sculpted glowing skin.

The whole experience is rejuvenating and designed to brighten, de-puff,
sculpt and hydrate for healthy-looking and glowing skin.

The session begins with a double cleanse using hot mitts (these feel amazing),
we then tone and exfoliate your skin before popping on a mask best suited to your skin.
Whilst your mask is on and working its magic Nikki will perform a relaxing head,
neck and shoulder massage on you.

The session finishes with an energising facial massage which combines face lifting, acupressure,
facial reflexology and lymphatic drainage techniques all of which work to de-puff
and sculpt the face naturally.

We use a combination of high-quality, high-performance, natural products from various
ethical and sustainable brands, including; Oilixia, NINI Organics, Skin + Tonic and REN, to name a few.

The session takes place in our beautiful studio privately (when no makeup sessions are taking place)
on our super comfortable massage bed.

Do you have questions about our new facial service?
Then please contact us at hello@facebarlondon.com we would love to hear from you!