Why book a makeup session with us?

Our promise to you is to always offer you a fully bespoke makeup experience.


All makeup sessions begin with a full and thorough consultation – you may even wonder,

wow why so many questions? As professional makeup artists our aim is always to

design and create the makeup look you desire, with full advice from us on what

we feel will look amazing on you to enhance your unique beauty.


Great skin prep is essential, your session will always start here

and your skin will be loving the extra attention to bring on your glow.


You’ll notice that we always use several shades of foundation (and sometimes concealer)

to expertly match your skin tone mixed and customised to you on our palette.


As true ‘artists’ we have an in-depth understanding of colour theory,

facial bone structure (oh ‘hi’ cheekbones!), how to bounce beautiful light across

your features in the all the right places and of course ensure

your makeup stays fresh-looking and lasts!


And finally, we absolutely love our job, we feel lucky that a big part of our job

is making you feel fabulous, we want you to walk out of our studio feeling amazing!


Book your session today by heading to the ‘Home’ or ‘Services’ page on our website

or call us on 07789618125.


We can’t wait to do your makeup!